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Schachenmayr World

Ladies' Bobble Hat & Scarf, S7548 - Free Pattern

Ladies' Bobble Hat & Scarf, S...

Artistically patterned hat and scarf in universal yarn.

Buchenberg - Free Pattern


Eye-catching hat with triple brim in Schachenmayr Boston

Belchen - Free Pattern


Close-fitting hat in Schachenmayr Boston

Wissberg - Free Pattern


Voluminous looped scarf out of Schachenmayr Boston

Torstein - Free Pattern


Trendy cabled scarf out of Schachenmayr Boston

Schwarzenberg - Free Pattern


Striking hat in seed stitch out of Schachenmayr Boston

Piz Linard - Free Pattern

Piz Linard

Prominent looped scarf out of Schachenmayr Boston

Bunny Egg warmers, 5843 - Free Pattern

Bunny Egg Warmers, 5843

Crochet bunny egg warmers in Schachenmayr Catania und Schachenmayr Brazilia

Apple Pillow, S9355 - Free Pattern

Apple Pillow, S9355

Quirky apple pillow in Schachenmayr Journey

Lace Shawl, S9043 - Free Pattern

Lace Shawl, S9043

Colorful lace shawl in Schachenmayr Letizia