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Regia Quality Requirements

You have chosen Schachenmayr REGIA, a special quality based on over 55 years of tradition and experience. The carefully selected new wool mix guarantees the Schachenmayr REGIA quality.



The durability of REGIA is 4-fold
- dimensionally stable
- hard-wearing
- machine washable up to 40 ° C, no felting
- dryer proof

REGIA fulfils its quality requirements after purchase, after washing, after wearing – or you will receive from us a replacement of REGIA as compensation.
If you find that your purchase of REGIA does not fulfil its high quality standard: please send us the deficient ball. You will receive free compen sation (color selection by availability).

The period of the guarantee is 10 years beginning with the purchase, and is valid worldwide. This guarantee does not restrict the consumer’s warranty rights of the purchase contract with the seller as well as any legal rights.

Cash compensation is not possible. Please do not forget to send a sample of the deficient yarn, your complete address, and if possible the complete ball band to the address you will find on: www.coatscrafts.com