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Schachenmayr World

Add some color to the daily grind! In Magazine 008 - Fashion Moments, we present styles where the lively yarn structure of Schachenmayr Leana comes into play. Whether a scoodie, surplice wrap or raglan pullover, you too will find your favorite piece.

In Magazine 009 - Fashion Moments you will find trendy knits made with Schachenmayr Mouliné Art. The color of the yarns does all the work with these cozy jackets, sweaters and matching accessories with simple shapes and beginner-friendly patterns. And combining several colors of Mouliné Art creates a harmony of color in the garments.

Young fashions and trendy designs with Schachenmayr Soft Mix.

Fashionable fall and winter fashons for the entire family with Merino Wool from Schachenmayr.

Trendy knitwear in color harmony with Mouliné Art from Schachenmayr.

The cheerful colors of  Schachenmayr Leana warms up the cold season.

Young fashions and trendy designs with Schachenmayr Soft Mix.

Patterns for the whole family with Schachenmayr Wool 85 and Wool 125

Fashionable outerwear for women using Schachenmayr Merino Extrafine Silky Soft.