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Moments 024 - Schachenmayr select Big Accessoires. You love generous volumes and chunky knitting patterns? Then the patterns in this video are right for you! The new Schachenmayr select Savanti, Schachenmayr select Coralita and other yarns from our range are knitted together to make warm winter accessories. For more information on the pattern booklet, see: http://us.schachenmayr.com/publications/moments-024-big-accessoires

Moments 025 - Schachenmayr select Extra Soft Merino Color. From accessoires to jackets, pullovers or even dresses: this video presents charming, timeless designs, knitted in the popular classic yarn Schachenmayr select Extra Soft Merino Color. You´re sure to find a favourite here! 

This how to video shows you how to knit with Schachenmayr original Frilly yarn.

You'll feel on top of the world with the cool designs in this video from My Mountain by Schachenmayr. The My Mountain Range of hat designs is fun and fashionable at the same time.

No matter what your outdoor passion is, My Mountain by Schachenmayr offers a variety of easy to crochet and knit patterns for hats to fit your needs. This video shows you some of the cool hats for a variety of different outdoor activities.