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Schachenmayr World

You can look forward to versatile designs, knitted from a comprehensive yarn palette from Schachenmayr select. Expand your summer wardrobe with stylish, trendy pieces – you’ll be amazed!

This instruction continues to the hooded vest made of Schachenmayr select Belisia. It explains how to crochet the sleeves to add on the vest and simply changes the vest into a pullover.

In this video you will learn how to crochet a hooded vest made of Schachenmayr select Belisia. It´s an universal vest and fits to everyone. One can make it for babies, adults or dolls.

Instruction for a Rapunzel headband tunisian crochet pattern made of Schachenmayr selcet Cabaré.

Here you learn how to crochet a button made of Schachenmayr original Bravo Mezzo!

In this video Julia shows us how to crochet a flower made of Schachenmayr original Bravo Mezzo lefty version

Do you want to learn how to chrochet a Rapunzel scarf? Then is this How-To-Video the right for you. They use the yarn Schachenmayr select Cabaré.

This How-to-video offers you exactly the right for this season. It explain how to crochet a monster hat with earflaps by yourself. The use the yarn Baby Super Soft and Bravo.

Here we´ve got a How-To-Video for a beret beanie. It´s perfect for the cold winter, enjoy the work at this beanie. They use the yarn Bravo Mezzo.   

This how-to video shows the easy way to crochet a spiral beanie. From woolpedia.de