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This video shows you how to quickly and easily crochet a sock. From woolpedia.de

These socks are realy easy beacuase you don´t have to do a heel. Find out how to make these socks in this video. From woolpedia.de

 This How-to-video shows you how to crochet some cool socks for warm days. From woolpedia.de

In this How-to-video for leftys  you will learn how to knit your own socks. Every step of knitting a sock is explained and shown very precisely so you can follow easily. Even the number of stitches you have to increase or decrease during the making of the heel or the toe is explained. Also there is a tutorial for everyone who wants to change the yarn or the color while knitting the sock. Warm, handmade socks are perfect for cold winter days or as  a little loving present and with this easy to follow video you can learn how to make them only in a short time.   From Woolpedia.de

This How-to-video explains the art of crocheting socks. These socks are are a bit complicated because of the different color at the heel but the result is a cool sock for every occasion. From woolpedia.de

In this video you can see how-to create a beautiful decoration for your christmas tree. From woolpedia.de

To knit some flat work or to knit a special pattern left handed, you can use the seed stitch. With this stitch your knitting project will not curl but stay flat and accurate. Moreover the seed stitch creates a nice pattern which you can use for scarfs or clothes. It is even not too difficult to learn this stitch and with the help of this How-to-video you will learn this simple stitch very quickly.   From Woolpedia.de

In this video you can learn How-to crochet a santa's cap! From woolpedia.de

The rose looks more difficult than it it really is. Essentially it is a spiral which you sew together and the  result is a beautiful rose. From woolpedia.de

The best pattern for making scarfs or beanies is the ribbing pattern for which will you learn in this How-to-video for leftys! It is very useful because of its characteristic to make your knitting work very elastic. So it is very helpful for beanies for example, because they have to fit well and keep warm. But you can also use it very well for flat knitting project because of the fact that this pattern would not curl but stay flat. Summarizing, you can say that the ribbing pattern is very useful and an important part to learn when you want to improve you knitting skills.   From Woolpedia.de