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A snow golem is a creature in a famous video game called minecraft. This one is created in Amigurumi style which is from Japan. From woolpedia.de

Protect your notebook with a stylish crocheted case. This How-to-video explains what to do. From woolpedia.de

If your work is done and you have a long strand left, there is a possibility to hide this yarn in your knitted project. This how-to-video for leftys shows you the possibility of sewing in the ends. In the tutorial you will see which is the right place to sew in the strand. Additionally you will be taught what you have to pay most attention to  so that the strand is well  hidden and without endangering your work.   From Woolpedia.de

When you have finished your knitting project or you want to sew knitted stuff together, you have to know how to cast off. Like it is shown in this How-to-video for leftys, casting off is nearly the same as decreasing stitches. You also have to take two stitches on one needle and then follow the cast off process as it is described in this tutorial.   From Woolpedia.de

If you want to increase the number of your stitches you have got different possibilities and some are shown in this left-hander How-to-video. First you will learn to create more stitches by the “yarn-over” way. Besides this you will be taught which opportunities you have if there will emerge a whole while increasing the stitches or how you can avoid that whole. Then you will also learn the second way to increase your amount of stitches by knitting a “double way”.   From Woolpedia.de

In this How-to-video for left-hander you are going to learn how to “decrease” stitches. That means in this tutorial you will learn how you can knit one stitch out of two stitches and you will see how it looks after you have “decreased” the stitches.   From Woolpedia.de

This How-to-video shows you how you sew together two granny squares. With this both basics you will be able to create whatever you like to do if you like the special style of them. From woolpedia.de

If you want to learn the “stockkinette stitch”: this How-to-video for leftys will be the best for you. You will see how you can create the “stockkinette stitch” by changing the way you knit the row one by one in different styles. So one row hast to be made by the knitting stitch while the other row has to be made with the purl stitch which simply means one row knitting one row purling. Additionally, you will be shown a trick with the strand so that you can better  remember which row hast to be a purl-row and which a knit-row.   From Woolpedia.de

A hacky sack is a little sack which is often used to juggle with the feet. Alone or in groups it is always fun! And here you see how to make one quickly and easily. From woolpedia.de

Here in this How-to-video for leftys you will get to know about another kind of a stitch: the “purl stitch”. After watching this tutorial you will quickly succeed in knitting it. Moreover handling with two needles is shown very precisely, so it is easy to imitate the knitting-process when you take a stitch from one needle to the other one.   From Woolpedia.de